My Top 5 Animals Of The World

(Grey Wolf)

Animals are important because they make contributions to the human life. They are food, shelter, and comfort to many. Every single animal plays a huge role in the environment. If one were to be wiped out, an ecosystem could collapse or become unstable. Many people can forever ask themselves if animals are conscious or if they do anything good for us. One single fact is true, they exist.  They’re here with us and because of that, they matter.

5. Fennec Fox
The Fennec fox is well known for its large ears. Weighing three to 3.5 pounds, the Fennec fox is the world’s smallest canine. Fennec foxes are important small hunters who help to control the populations of several pests, including rodents and locusts. Unfortunately, as with most living species, the Fennec fox populations are at risk.

4. Killer Whale (Orca Whale)
The killer whale can easily be recognized by the bold black and white color patterns, including the white patch and the round head shape. Killer whales in the wild are considered one of the most powerful predators. Killer whale families are protective of young and adult females and help one another in caring for them

3. Bald Eagle
With its white feathery head and white tail, The Bald Eagle is the national bird symbol of the United States. These powerful birds of prey use their talons to fish, but they get many of their meals by taking leftovers from carrion or stealing kills off of other animals. Bald eagles are believed to mate for life. A pair creates an enormous stick nest (one of the biggest bird nests in this world) high above the ground and cares for a pair of eggs each year.

2. Siberian Tiger
Like many big cats, they are territorial and solitary. The dark stripes that overlay the reddish orange color is one of the most obvious characteristics of the tiger. In the wild, tigers can leap up to 16 feet. Weighing just under a thousand pounds, these guys can be found among the plains of Russia. There are only about 350 Siberian tigers alive today.

1. Grey Wolf
Known as the keystone species, these beautiful creatures are capable of causing a positive influence when populations fall below a dangerous level. The wolf is the largest wild canine and ancestor of our very own loyal domestic friends. Wolves live a complex social life. They form groups called packs, which consists of a dominant mated pair (Also known as the Alpha Male and Female), their cubs, and a variety of other adults. Overall the Grey Wolf is a gorgeous species to appreciate.


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Animals Of The World

  1. J.C. Lam says:

    No sea otter? Love the fact that they hold another sea otter’s hand in order to avoid floating away.

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